Marten Spangberg. Check him out.

I first came in to 'contact' with Marten (only in cyber space) when I submitted I text I'd written to be part of the 3rd edition of The Swedish Dance History, an independent publication of texts from performers, dance artist and choreographers.

I recently checked out a link on Marten's facebook that took me to SPANGBERGIANISM, his blog, where I read his text Seventeen Points for The Future of Dance. I feel it is important, and I wanted to share it with you, so click here to read the full text.

Before I wrote this blog I emailed Marten for his permission to share his words, and also as I had realised apart from knowing he was involved with The Swedish Dance History and that he knows a good friend of mine, I knew very little about him. So, I also asked him to describe his work, as I was going to paraphrase to give you a little over view. But as Marten is much better with words than I am it would be an injustice to do such a thing. This is what he said;

I'm a choreographer and I like it, and many different things comes out of working with choreography which I like. Choreography to me is a way of approaching the world not the art of making dances, it's an epistemology and not an expression - and the search I'm doing is on how choreography dance and movement can formulate zones of temporalities of autonomy. I have done rather a lot over the years and I'm interested in not making a body of works make sense, like it's always about leaving behind, forgetting and coming up with methods that makes it impossible to maintain what I know, in practice and theory which of course I make no difference between. If I had a nick name, not to Spangbergianism, - like if I was a gangster - say - I'd like to be known as The Scientist. Well something like that.

I wrote that book, or put it together. And I have made a few others, Everything under heaven..., The Coming Boogie Woogie, and two new books are coming this autumn - and then I try to be a kind of person.
There are also a few webpages
and there there is also some writing of mine, ding dong

I just finished reading Marten's text 'Motivation at The End of Time', which you can find under the texts section on his website (, follow the link above).
READ IT. Its a gem.