I have been back for almost a month now, and writing up a list of things that may interest dancers who are visiting the Bay Area has been on my to do list since my return. I am just going to write a big list of the things I discovered while I was out there...I am sure there are many many more exciting things that I missed!

Katie Faulkner - amazing teacher/choreographer/beautiful dancer and all round great person. http://www.littleseismicdance.org

Katie teaches at ODC, one of the dance schools to check out. They also have a theatre and run a number of choreographic/performance programs and opportunities. http://odcdance.org/

Kathleen Hermesdorf - teacher supreme. Awe inspiring performer and improviser. http://www.la-alternativa.us/www.la-alternativa.us/Welcome.html

Kathleen is a teacher/partner with the space KUNST STOFF, the place to check out for experimental performance and events, as well as great workshops and classes. http://www.kunst-stoff.org/

Yannis Adoniou - wonderful artistic director of KUNST STOFF, and he also teaches a regular class that I found incredibly helpful. Yannis made me feel at ease, allowing me really learn.

Krowswork - a small gallery in Oakland. Owned and directed by the lovely Jasmine Moorhead, who facilitates many interesting exhibitions. http://www.krowswork.com/

Oakland (across the bay from San Francisco) its self is worth checking out, it has a much more underground feel to SF and a lot of dancers live and create in that area. Check out the Temescal district and area between Krowswork and 19th. (I can only speak of these areas..I am sure there is more to explore!).

Dancers' Group - the hub of dance in SF, they promote, support, facilitate and advertise all things dance. You have to pay for a year membership, but you can access some of their website, such as the events calendar, even if you are not a member. http://www.dancersgroup.org/index.php