Well, thats it. My last assessment as a second year is over. Last friday was the 'Live Solo' assessment. Which, is basically that - a solo. The focus of this assessment is on performance and technicality, and is something you have to do each year, with lengthier and lengthier time requirements. For me the hardest part of the solo is to believe in my self.

I think I can speak for most of us when I say this term was a hard one. It was long and tiring - last saturday, when my body knew it was all over, I slept for fourteen hours. Fourteen. I didn't believe it either.

But personally I also feel this term was a good one. Sometimes being extremely tired helps you learn - your body learns how to use its technique to be most efficient! And now we have a week off, then two more weeks of term. Practically third year and I am wondering where the time went.

Last night I went to a class in Manchester, with the lovely Julia Griffin. It was a class I used to do before I started training at Northern (before my foundation course even). Julia has a great energy and clarity when she is teaching, and I also really like her way of moving.

I would always recommend that dance students go back to old classes. When you have not done a class for a while, but you used to do it before training, its good to do as a measure change in your body - how did you used to feel when you did this class? And how do you feel now? Sometimes it is hard to feel improvement when in a school environment because we are doing similar things everyday. Also, as we get better the work gets harder which means new struggles. Last night I definitely felt changes in my body, and my ability to pick up material, which was very exciting and encouraging.

So, tomorrow I am off to London as my fellow NSCD foundation buddies Alex Hemsley and Helena Webb will be graduating from Laban. And both their choreography majors got picked for the graduation show. I haven't seen them dance for a long long time and I am very excited!