For students at NSCD there is a great system that subsidies physiotherapy treatments, meaning we get very cheap treatment - a rarity, pyhsio is an expensive business.

I went on saturday as I have been experiencing some stiffness in my lower back, and around the groin and hip.

The diagnosis was my pelvis is twisted and I have a strained psoas muscle. The psoas is a deep muscle responsible for lower back stabilization and hip flexion (hense the afore mentioned sypmtoms).

A twisted anything in the body -pelvis, spine etc, can cause lots of unbalance.Its like an earthquake sending its shock waves through the body. The effects are felt far from the epicenter, but not necessarily pain.

In an art form whose aesthetics strive for the 'correct body', the 'correct technique', the words 'twisted pelvis' don't exactly bring joy to the heart. More like a feeling of uh oh. What the hell does that mean?! (All though weirdly also a strange satisfaction. "You have scoliosis? Yeah, my pelvis is twisted...").

But far from finding it a worry it made me think about one of the numerous benefits of dance.

You gain a knowledge of your body greater than the average person has (of their body, not mine). Its not that a twisted pelvis is hugely rare. But the nature of dance training means that any slight unbalances are highlighted.

For example, my left calf is a lot bigger than the right. (I'm guessing you have an interesting image of me right now. Kind of Quasimodo). This could be due to many things, a slightly shorter left leg or a twisted pelvis. But in you could quite easily breeze through life with out a clue. Before I started training my calves were both equal.

But I don't mind. I see it as an example of the work my body is doing everyday.

And actually I feel a bit sorry for those normo's and their lack of awareness, and ultimately a lack of connection to their bodies.

Dance teaches us a lot.