Yesterday there was an open day at college for prospective students. They get to take class, watch class, meet teachers etc. Myself and another student were asked to do the 'questions and answer' session.

This is the second time I've done the Q+A and seeing future 1st year always reminds me of my route to NSCD.

My whole dance-span is quite convoluted but it started at NSCD when I auditioned for the degree, not really knowing anything about the school, and was offered a place on the foundation course. (Which stuited me fine - I agreed with their view a little more technique was required).

After studying on the foundation I auditioned for the degree and didn't get in. I did the open auditioned and didn't get in. I didn't get a place at Laban or The Place. It was getting late in the audition process and my options was Dundee or Berlin. (A friend was returning to Berlin to study at a small dance school and suggested I apply).

I took the German option, figuring if I wasn't in the school I wanted Berlin may have more of a dance scene than Dundee.

Although it actually turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me, I knew I still wanted to be at NSCD. After re-auditioning I got a place on their reserve list.

Whilst in limbo I posted NSCD something I had used in an application (to The University Der Kunst, Berlin, Kunst being Art) that expressed why I felt NSCD would be good for me/me good for them. I like to think it was this that clinched the deal, although it was probably statistical, but I got my place. And here I am.

That wasn't intended to be a self indulgent spiel about my struggle. (Cue violin). But when ever I do the Q+A sessions I feel the urge to highlight to people that the audition process can be tough (not for everyone. Some people breeze through with little more than a sweaty forehead). So the blog seemed the perfect chance for me to say; if you don't get it first time don't worry.

And most certainly don't give up. Just do what you got to do.