I have come to the conclusion that I see life as one big piece of choreography. I find it impossible to not notice movement and be effected by it, and sometimes the randomly accompanying sound. here are a few examples;

1. I was watching two men cleaning the hand rails of an escalator, one on each side. Obviously because they were both moving on the same step they came up to the top of the stairs and their cloths dropped of the end of the hand rail at exactly the same time. it was perfect unison. how could something so simple be so satisfying? I though to myself. wow. That was cool! how could I recreate it?

2. I was driving back to leeds and I was on the motorway. I had bbc radio 2 on, and it happened to be playing the Indiana Jones theme tune. I saw a golden retriever run up a steep hill. I was distracted by the complementary effect of the dog's movement and Indiana Jones. Not good when you're driving.

3. Today I spent a lot of time watching my friend's coat dance in the wind (not the best idea when you are on the wrong side of the road) as we rode around Berlin on bikes. I am always behind her (her bikes faster than mine. Nothing to do with legs ok? Faster bike) and the tails of her coat make a lot of cool movement, seemingly independently.

And I like that life is one big choreography. Because there's always something new and exciting to catch a glimpse of.