Before Christmas we had our choreography assessments and I decided that it would be a good chance to show some of our work to you all.

Here are the three dances I performed in, and also my choreography.

Please remember it is filmed on the actual assessment, hence the moderation panel at the front, and the lighting is intended to be bright so the panel can watch the pieces back on video when considering marks. So may I suggest that you squint a bit and create some atmosphere with your imagination.

Choreography 1.

'A Translation'.
'...for me it was about having trouble with connections'. Donna Williams, "Autism, an inside out approach'.
Choreographer; Hannah Buckley
Music; John Cage, 'Roots of an unfocus'.
Dancers; Hayley Barker, Shelley Brettle, Anthony Middleton,

Choreography 2

'Slipping away for a moment'
'eluding reality is not as easy as it may seem'.
Choreographer; Mary Mannion
Music; tbc
Dancers; Hannah Buckley, Daniel Connor, Alex Hocking

Choreography 3

'A physical representation of greed. How can a space change when people want more?'
Choreographer; Amy Manancourt
Music; Max Richter, 'Organum'.
Dancers; Hannah Buckley, Rosie Carrick, Chivon Ewards Dwayne Simms, Faye Smith.

Choreography 4

'Time Sadly Fading'
An exploration into the imagery of dead flowers being blown off a grave and what feelings that evokes'
Choreographer; Hollie Miller
Music; for John Cage (extract) Morton Feldman
Dancers; Hannah Buckley, Chevon Edwards, Lucy Foster-Perkins, Lotte Ghyssaert, Mary Mannion.