Just wanted to share something I was pondering the other day.

Not long before we broke up for the summer our ballet teacher showed us some foot exercise with the theraband (thin, wide rubber band used to give resistance for the feet to work against). My intention was to do the exrecises everyday during the summer holidays.

In reality I probably did them about five or six times while I was away.

Since being back our new contemporary teacher, the amazing Tiia, told me I needed to work on the articulation of my feet, and suggested I use the theraband.

Now I use it everyday and I am starting to notice a difference. And I thought to myself. Hannah you were so silly. Theres so much to do on a dancers body, it takes time and even when you think you don't need to do it you probably do.

So don't delay the process by being lazy, or letting things slip your mind, do it today.