Last week I did my last formal assessment at NSCD, the 'live solo'. For this you have to produce a two and a half to three minute solo, which is marked more in relation to performance and technique rather than choreography. You can also perform it as a duet, it just means that you have to dance twice, once for each person, which is what myself and Dwayne Simms decided to do.

word up from hannah buckley on Vimeo.


The live solo came straight after collaborative arts, and it seemed non stop for months, but now as we have finished everything (we have the graduation show to do, which will be the same pieces we performed at easter, but we haven't started rehearsals yet) it meant this week I had no afternoon classes and finished at noon everyday. That felt very strange, I didn't know what to do with myself. I took Monday and Tuesday 'off', and went to visit friends and even slept in the afternoon. How outrageous.

But all that free time left me feeling anxious, like I should be doing something, so I went back in the studio to work on some ideas I have. It seems silly to waste free studio space. Soon I will have to pay for that privilege.

I'm ready to leave, and excited by the prospect of what is to come. I want to get out and make and dance some dance. But I must admit as the leaving date draws near a little ball of nerves is starting to dwell in my stomach.