I thought I'd introduce you to a project I have with my twin sister Amy, called negotiationfspace.

negotiationofspace is the result of a desire to understand the impact of what it is to be a twin upon the self and our interaction with the world around us. as we explore our individual artistic practices together we hope to build a body of image and movement based work that is personal to us, but at the same time shares with non twins an insight into a world they can never experience.

We see this as a life long project that will develop as we move through the different stages of our life. Its very exciting to have such a project, and I feel fortunate to have an artistic partner in crime.

Currently Amy lives in NYC studying at photography at Parson's New School, and the distance makes it hard to actually physically do things together, and probably hence the reason there is not much movement yet..but the distance, and how we negotiate that, is also part of the exploration....

So for a an idea of negotiationofspace and what we are about click here