Every week our contemporary teacher Tiia gives us feedback. Today she started mine by asking me if i was ok, was I tired? I haven't had my usual energy. (I have had a friend from San Francisco visiting for two weeks and the combination of hosting/later nights/the same early starts has taken its toll!!)

Her question surprised me a little. I hadn't thought it was so obvious. But It also made me feel good. And I felt like I needed to blog it. I just wasn't quite sure what my point is/why I feel like I needed to let you know about this simple question.

And I guess its because of just that fact. Its a simple question. But there is so much importance behind it.

The image of a dance school is a place where you are on your own. You get pushed to your limits and you have to compete with a load of diva's on top of that.

The teachers want to push us of course, and healthy competition is good for everyone. But when a teacher asks me a question like that, when Eric the ballet teacher pats my head and smiles at me in the corridor, when Jenny on reception knows my name, it reminds me I am part of something.

And even when it feels like I just do technique class as part of a class, a homogenous group of bodies, it reminds me that I get seen. As an individual.

Thanks Tiia.