Through out life as a dance student you will at some point come up of against the topic of marking creative work - how should it be marked? how CAN it be marked? Its a matter of taste..its a matter of experience. Somethings don't work as a finished piece but the process was valuable. So then where is the relevance of a mark? And it goes on...

I remember in first year as it came to choreography assessment time the teachers were discussing this very topic and they made the point that sometimes people get a high mark and the next time a low one, or visa versa. And there is no really explanation why. Sometimes creativeness is successful. Sometimes it ain't.

On Monday I went to see Jasmin Vardimon's 'Yesterday', the piece to celebrate ten years of her work.

On paper this should be an amazing piece. It took movement from ten years of top level dancer/s, from a highly talented choreographer, using extremely physical dancers. But for me it didn't work.

I felt it lacked a sense of meaning. I loved the physicality of the movement and thought some of the dancers were amazing performers. But I couldn't connect to the piece as whole. There was too much information, for which I couldn't find a common theme to relate to. Perhaps the fact that some of the movement had been taken directly from previous pieces meant it lost its context, hence the feeling (for me) of the movement having a slightly superficial feel.

So there you go, as I contemplated the piece I just wanted to let all those current and future dance students know -don't stress! Sometimes things will work. Sometimes they won't. And if something doesn't quite work it doesn't mean you failed/ your not creative/ etc etc.

Its just part of the trade we're in. What makes it exciting. And also what makes it kind of tough.