This time last week was I had done my last performance of Hagit Bar's piece in the NSCD showcase. Two performances really wasn't enough! after four weeks or creation and rehearsal I wanted to dance it the full four nights. I wanted to take it on tour!

I really enjoyed the whole process with Hagit, she made it very fun and enjoyable for us. At times it was quite tricky - the piece involved a lot of clapping and counting and moving at the same time, and I experienced my usual 'too in my head' problem.

And there was the usual egotistical moaning 'I'm not in the piece', 'she doesn't like me'..blah blah blah. But perhaps dealing with egos is also an unfortunate, yet important, aspect of our training.

For me this period is always about how I can improve as a performer, irrelevant of how 'good' the piece is. But Hagit's piece was well received, which is of course satisfying after all the work that goes in to it.

So, now I am in Berlin for 3 weeks adjusting from a very busy schedule to a much more relaxed pace, training with Grupooito. Once again wondering why do I not practice forward rolls and handstands?