At the weekend I watched the Laban graduation 'show', which was in fact a whole afternoon of work - I pretty much saw stuff non stop from 2.30 until 7.30, so I got a rough idea of what our teachers must feel like on assessment! I kept thinking I must have a break so I can digest this, but there was always something I to watch.

Part of the reason for this was that my two friends, Helena and Alex, were graduating and performed in quite a lot, as well as having their own works shown. Helena, Alex and I studied on the foundation course at Northern, and then they went on to do their degree at Laban. I haven't really seen them dance since we were on the foundation course, which is almost four years ago now (arrrrrrrrgh. time flying. to fast. slow down!) so I was very excited about the prospect of seeing them perform.

I knew they were going to be great and they didn't let me down. They have both have a beautiful fluidity and ease about them, and I particularly like the energy they have when they dance - enough to be present, but not enough to scare the audience off.

As for actually seeing Laban it was good to see how other schools do it. Honestly, as a whole I don't enjoy much of the work I see at school, and I wonder if other schools are doing better, are more creative etc etc. But seeing the show at Laban on saturday I realised I'm just very picky, perhaps a little cynical and hard to please. Basically I don't like that much.

It was interesting to see that a different school meant different bodies. As a whole (of course there are always exceptions) the Laban body is softer compared to that of a NSCD body. This is probably due to the fact that they have more release classes, while we lack consistency in this area. It makes a subtle but noticeable difference to their dance, giving a more human quality.

Their building is also great at lending itself to the work and providing some great backdrops. Over all it was a very interesting day!