Last night, while I was eating my tea, I watched the video of Hofesh Shechter's 'Uprising' on Article19. Of course, I know of Hofesh, when I was studying on the foundation course he choreographed the third year graduation piece. I can still remember the sensations of it.

That was almost two years ago and and to be honest I haven't seen any work of his since. I've heard people rave about it, I've read his interview on Article19 and I've seen his repertoire being taught at college.

But when everyone at college is all excited about something it generally makes me back off a bit. I don't like to feel like I'm 'following a trend'. (Oh dear. That sounded all pretentious).

But last night as I gawped at the movement happening on my screen I wanted to give myself a big old slap round the head. Why the hell have I not seen this sooner?! Its beautiful.

So I learnt my lesson. Don't be a stubborn fool. Explore the trends before you dismiss them. There may be a good reason why everyone is raving about a certain choreographer.

It also made me think about how little knowledge I have of the English dance scene at the moment. And how I better start playing some serious catch up. Its a big area of neglect on my part.

And I'd say knowing your home turf is pretty vital for all dance students. Knowing what's what, who's who and where you might, or might not, fit in. Where you want to fit in.

So, I best add British company/choreographer research to my list of things to do. Pronto.