On friday my release teacher, Jennifer, spent about an hour helping me to try and release the tension at the back of my neck...or at least put some awareness in this area, to start the letting go process! On sunday I was rehearsing my movement studies and i saw Luis, the guest artist who is helping with the third year collaborative arts project. We were chatting and he told me he'd been there early and was on his way to see more students .

These are just two stories of the amount of work teachers do. There have been many times before this blog where I have realised that one great thing about being a dance school is that the teachers still love dance. It shows, its inspiring and they have to, because its not an easy job.

We (the students) complain all the time about how tired we are, how many hours we do and anything else we can complain about. But I think its important to remember the teachers do just as much. And to say thanks for that.