For the month of March Yorkshire Dance (in Leeds) has been host to Juncture which is, according to the blurb "Four weeks of residencies, performances, workshops and critical debates, programmed with an emphasis on female-led work and experimental, cross disciplinary practice", curated by Charlotte Vincent of Vincent Dance Theatre.

I had a great time. It was fun, funny, challenging, insightful, informative, inspiring and to see so many strong female artists and practitioners felt good. Very good.

Here is what I did in 3 days (and I didn't do all the possible activities): a 2 day comedy dance workshop with Tom Roden of New Art Club. Attended performances by Charlotte Vincent and Liz Aggiss, Wendy Houstan, Harry Theaker's Rapper dancers, Antonia Grove (performing work by Wendy Houstan) and New Art Club. Took part in a debate entitled 'What do Venues Want from Artists?' and a symposium, with guest speakers Wendy Houstan, Claire McDonald, Professor Liz Aggiss and performance duo The Two Wrongies, chaired by Charlotte Vincent and looking at the 'considerations in contemporary performance practice'.

Like I said, great.
I'm just sad that I am missing Wendy Houstan and Charlotte Vincent's profesional development week and more performances.

I will blog in more detail soon, but for now I just wanted to say thank you to Yorkshire Dance and Charlotte Vincent for facilitating such an important festival/platform/event.
I hope we see this becoming a yearly occurrence,