If you can, I'd recommend getting yourself a copy of today's The Times, going to page thirteen of the T2 suppliment and having a look at Rachel-Campbell-Johston's thought provoking article talking about feminism and the arts. (You have to subscribe to The Times online so I can't share a link.. but you can join for twenty four hours for one pound).

I find it as difficult to solidify my beliefs about feminism as I do my thoughts on dance, and while I don't agree with everything in the article, I feel its important to bring the topic of feminism, as well as the role of art and the female artist in highlighting and challenging issues, to the minds of young women.

As the article says, the feminist movement has won many battle, but has not yet won its war - I may have enough freedom to go and do a degree in dance, but on more than one occasion when telling men that I am a dancer they, sometimes seriously, sometimes jokingly, ask 'pole'?

More reading suggestions....

If you do subscribe to The Times I would highly recommend you look up Caitlin Moran's column, and her piece entiled 'Fear and Loathing in Front of The Mirror', for some of the best writing about female body issues I have ever read.

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