Third year is the year where auditions really start to become something to consider (they crop up some times in second year, but they don't have the same 'importance'). In dance terms, and I think ever, my only auditions have been to get in to a school. I've done four for Northern, two at The Place, one at Laban and one at the University der Kunst in Berlin, and thats it. As you may have guessed auditions are not my strong point. My natural response to nerves, or feeling intimidated, is to go very quiet and introverted. Not the best thing to do when trying to win the audition panel's attention and show off my skills.

Recently, at school, we had a mock audition with Candoco and the feeling I came out with was I need to be less self contained. As auditions come up and people talk about the fact that they are applying, and tell me I should just apply for experience's sake, I deflect these ideas with talk of the fact I can't afford to get to them, a particular company is not my style or that I feel like I need to concentrate on getting this year over with and can't actually take the job anyway.

Of course there is an element of truth in of all of these things, but if I'm honest with you they are just delay tactics, as the idea of auditioning scares the hell out of me.