I'm a little disappointed. Last night there was a showing of the short films made by third years as one of their assignments.

There were four of us watching. Three first years and a second year. Ok. So it was 6.15 on a friday, and there had been another showing before (I don't know how many people went to this. I know there was some first and second years who were in class until 6 anyway), but I thought it was appalling.

At the very least we should support each others work. And secondly by watching others/everyones/every type of work (and not just the stuff we like) is how we can learn. What we like, what we don't like, what works, how to make comparisons, how to improve your own work and how to have a knowledgeable opinion.

The short films didn't do much to lift my spirits.

As a whole it was a pretty weak showing. I'm not writing this to put people's work down or be nasty. I just have to be honest. And I say it because we are supposedly picked by the school for our technical AND creative skills. We are training to become artists. So work should be about experimenting and ideas. It doesn't have to be 'good' (I know that this was the first time some people had made films), and maybe it won't quite work, thats one of the perils of learning, but it should be creative.

We are the next generation of dance artists. So we should be experimenting now while we are safe in the bubble.