I am currently in NYC, and today I don't heart it at all seeing as it made me ill, but at least it mens I have some time to write, plus the fact its hard to be mad with NYC for long. Especially when the sun is shinning and the blossoms are out.

After the rehearsal period is a strange time, you spend five weeks building up and working extremely hard for two performances then before you know it its all over. The after effect is an anti climax to say the least. Two performances is definitely not enough. This year I found it more of an anti climax than usual as the piece had been quite tricky and I felt I could have performed it better. But thats life I guess, and we get another chance at the graduation show in July.

So coming to NYC, which I did virtually as soon as we finished, was great. I have done a few classes which have been really really useful. I took class with Barbara Mahler, who teaches 'Klein Technique', a technique developed by Susan Klein, who describes it as 'a process of discovery and rediscovery. It is ongoing and continual. It requires constant blending of theoretical information and experiential practice. It requires time. like nature it is ordered and infinite in its discovery.'

Barbara Mahler's class was very NYC - she brought her small dog along and at one point went out to make a phone call. But her knowledge was obvious, and through her hands on approach and feedback I felt a difference in my lower back after one class. Later on this week I am going to try an get to class with Susan Klein, which I am pretty excited about.

I also went to see the Marina Abramović retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. She is a Yugoslavian born performance artist who's work spans four decades. It was a really interesting exhibition. What me and my sister found quite surprising were the number of people wandering around the exhibition saying 'I don't get it'. Abramović has clear motivations for all her works, and each work in the exhibition had a descriptor of this. Perhaps people didn't read these, I am not sure, but it seemed sad they couldn't just take the work for what it was.

My sister (she lives here, studying photography at the Parson's New School) booked us on to a lecture about funding, organised by the New York Arts Foundation. It was much of the same, but I think with these things (CV writing, funding finding, contact making etc), even though they are pretty much common sense, when you are an 'emerging artist' it doesn't hurt to hear them multiple times, from different people, as each person has there own spin on it and you can take tips from everyone to develop your own style/tactics. I definitely learnt some new stuff from Aaron Landsman who was speaking at the event we went to.

At the weekend I met with visual artist ted Shannon to discuss his work with gravity and dance. Tom makes amazing paintings and sculptures using gravity and the earth's magnetic fields, he also knows a lot about dance. It was great to talk with someone who has a long and successful career..more of which I will blog at a later date.

Yesterday I went to an evening of work in progress, organised by the Movement Research Centre and performed at the historic Judson Church. I was excited to be at Judson Church, and its a great space to watch performances in, but unfortunately the work show was a little underwhelming. A couple of the pieces had potential, and there were glimpses of something good, but as a whole they failed to deliver. As and artist about to emerge into the real world evenings like that are both hopeful and worrying - they make me think 'I can do better than that' but also 'what makes my stuff any better?'

So hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and I can get back in to classes and seeing things, NYC is certainly good for that.