There are a handful of choreographers who are on my must see list. Pina Bausch was one, and luckily I saw Bamboo Blues in 2008 at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Twyla Tharp's work I have yet to see, but last night I finally saw The Forsythe Company perform, something I have been wanting to do for a long time, since seeing Mike Figgis' interview/documentary with Forsythe whilst I was studying at NSCD.

After last night's performance I was left feeling peturbed and perplexed. I'd just been to see the William Forsythe Company and I didn't fall in love with it. I wasn't completely blown away. In the words of a friend of mine with whom I recently went to see at Robert Lepage performance with; I feel cheated! I want to rave about how great it was but can't and feel like the negative person that doesn't 'get it'. Yet at the same time I felt I had experienced something important.

Now lets be clear about this, Forsythe's work is in a whole other league from the Lepage piece I saw in terms of skill, creativity and intellect. I was blown away by the dancers physicality, and Dana Caspersen was immense. You could tell that everything in there came from an intellectual place, and had a purpose and a meaning. It was funny. It was disturbing. As my flatmate Anne (a non dancer) said 'it was out there'. I just didn't like it. There. I said it. But I wanted to. I really really did. I could see why I should.

But despite me not warming to the piece, it did leave me wanting more. In her review Debra Craine wrote, 'We have seen (or should that be endured?) so much of the choreographer's tedious and hectoring works in the recent years that its time to have a good laugh'. Thats exactly what I want..not the laughing, although thats always a bonus of course, but to endure a good many more of Forsythe's works. Old, new and future. I want to put 'I don't believe in out of space' in to some kind of context. And see if I can understand a bit more of what makes this choreographer tick.