First of all I must apologise for breaking one of the blogging has definately been over a week since my last blog. I put this down to a change of routine and being here in Berlin, without Keith (thats my mac), and struggling with a french key board, but I'm back and wondering where to start...

So I think I'll start with Hoffesh. You may remember a while back I blogged that I have not really seen much of his work but after watching 'Uprising' on Article19's archive I wondered at my stupidity for not seeing the company live.

Well, I managed to catch the last day the 'Urban Moves' festival in Manchester, where they were performing.

Despite being a wonderfully sunny day and on an open air stage in the middle of Piccadilly Gardens (i.e no special lights or smoke but lots of drunks and noisy children, and a stage so hot they had to change the choreography slightly) the dancers managed to maintain the simmering darkness that, for me, pulsates under the surface of this piece.

It was goosebump inducing. And now I really want to see it in a theatre.

Recently graduated NSCD students James Finnemore and Tim Walters (I hope I got the names correct, apologies if not) were dancing with the company and they admirably fitted in with ease. I sure hope I can achieve that level of work so soon after graduation.

As I watched the piece I was so happy this is my profession. And to top it all off my sister told me she spotted a bare chested local, with a can of larger and scarred face (lets be honest here, not your usual contemporary dance audience) shake hands with a dancer as they passed and say 'well done mate. that was class.'

I couldn't have put it better myself.