I realised another great thing about dance school (well, I've always enjoyed it but after a particularly good class today I made a mental note to 'blog it'). Its the live musicians.

With each class there is either a drummer or a pianist (normally drums for contemporary and piano for ballet, although there is a cross over - we have one multi talented musician who can play the piano, drums, guitar, accordion virtually all at the same time, whilst texting). I have a lot of respect for the good ones.

Their job is not an easy one. They have to have a catalogue of music constantly at hand to whip out a suitable tune - something that fits the exercise, in feeling as well as counts, and are constantly having their view obscured by dancers oblivious to their existence. The pianists even seem to have a knowledge of ballet vocab - the teacher will shout something like 'frappes please'. And they get the right tune. Genius.

The effect of a good musician is magical. It makes you lighter, and stronger, and deeper all at the same time. Or it just makes you smile. (Think Bob Marley played on a piano. In a ballet class).

So thanks, to all our musicians - you make our job easier!