The end of my first week as a third year student at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. And we've already had our first 'careers' talk. My time as a student is coming to end. And at twenty four years of age, I have to be honest, its about time I entered 'The Real World'. But even though it's about time, even though I'm ready to do it, even though I want to do it, the prospect of leaving is scary as hell. There is definitely a different feeling between second and third year. The feeling of something impending on the horizon...

But let's not dwell on that, there is a lot to do before we get to that stage.

Over the summer holidays I did four classes, supplemented by the odd bit of yoga at home, two runs and quite a lot of walking. This is an all time low for me in terms of dance related stuff during holiday time. But I think second year pushed me to the point where I needed this break. I was interested to see how I would feel back in class after two months of no dancing.

It feels pretty good! It's as though having that break allowed my body to digest a lot of information and I don't feel like by not dancing much I disadvantaged myself in anyway. In fact the opposite. At that point in time it was a good thing. Phew.

Third year has also means having Eric Assandri as our ballet teacher. I've been waiting for this since I started on the foundation course at NSCD four years ago. Oh, the privileges of third year (they also include our own third year changing room).

And finally, welcome back Carlos.