I thought I should start with a quick introduction, and a bit of background to this blog.

My name is Hannah Buckley and I am currently in the 1st year of my degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds.

As it took me a while to get to NSCD (via NYC, the NSCD foundation course and Berlin) I am not the average fresh-from-college-1st-year.

I offered my services to Article19 as a way of giving people an insight into what life is like as a student of contemporary dance in what is considered one of the top English dance schools. As I write this I am trying to think why my volunteering came about. (Evil Imp's Blog 'Extraordinary Times' had a lot to do with it).

Perhaps because I feel like this is a great opportunity for me personally. (I play it cool but I'm quite excited by the prospect of writing for Article19). But mainly because I want to share our world with future, fellow and past students.