I remember the first week I was on the foundation course I saw about three degree students crying in the changing room and, I'll be honest, I laughed a little (inwardly of course) because I found it a slightly Fame image of dance school.

Today we have a movement studies assessment in which we had to present a 1.5-2 minute solo. When I did mine I knew I have, and could, do much much better. But thats it. My one and a half minutes to prove myself done and gone.

I wanted to tell the judging panel I know it wasn't so good! I can tell you why! I know what I did wrong! I opted against this option and instead let my self feel a little bit grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! for a moment. Then moved on.

Although one things for sure, since being in dance training I don't laugh at people crying in the changing room anymore.