Today I hung out with my Hungarian friend and we were talking about dance. She used to do ballroom, and has only seen 'contemporary' dance a couple of times. But she said to me 'it seems in contemporary dance it is the person, not the steps, that are important'.

I wanted to hug her. It made me so happy. Thats it. It was such a simple thing to say. But I would never have thought to express it this way.

When I was in Berlin I took my friend who is an architect to see Trisha Brown. He doesn't see himself as designing buildings, rather working with space, which I thought was pretty much what we do as dancers.

In the interval I asked him what he thought and he said 'I don't know yet'. He did of course have opinions, but it reminded me that some people don't do what I do. Contemporary dance is a totally new experience for them. And thats a good thing, because it also shows you your own knowledge.

Another time I took a couple of my friends who are really great street dancers to Sylvie Guillem and Russell Maliphant. They found it really difficult to understand how dancers could keep time with a sparse/non existent music score. 'But what about the counts?' they kept asking.

I love sharing dance with normos. It means I get to see things through fresh eyes.