Well, its that time already - christmas holidays. The term is over, and what it a term it was. I have never in my whole dance school career counting down to the holidays like I did this term.

Thats not because I wasn't enjoying it. My body just really needed a break. I had my own choreography to make, and I danced in three others, so it meant a lot of eight am until nine pm days to be able to fit in all the rehearsals.

Plus the fact that the actual assessments were on the last two days of term. So it meant there was no down time. We had to push right until the last day.

But in the assessment we all had to watch one another's, and that was really great. To see each others' work and to see other dance is something I always enjoy. And I tell you what - there are some good dancers in our year. It was exciting to see how people have developed since last year.

What was also encouraging was to see our technique teachers, who weren't on the moderating panel, spending their afternoons watching our work. Personally, I really appreciated their interest and support.

And now, armed with our christmas stay fit plan from Tiia, we all have this festive season to drink eat rest and be merry. A very important part of the process..as it allows all the work we have just done to settle in our bodies. This might sound like a silly thing to say. But believe me is true, the body doesn't stop dancing just because you've stopped dancing. Ask any dancer and I'm sure they will have experienced the phenomena of 'sleeping on it'. Often you can have a movement/phrase of movement that is tricky to grasp but becomes easier by the mere fact your body processes it in your sleep.

So, I think all those mince pies I'm going to eat are vital in helping my body along in this process. And I look forward to putting this newly learnt information in to practise in january.

Until then, I am off to New York (today actually). I cannot wait. I'm going to watch some dance and do some dance with teachers I used to take class with and see some art and film and eat and generally hang out. (I haven't seen my sister since July because she's been living there).

So watch this space for news state side.