I love my 'job'. And I wish I got to do it more. Whenever I spend some time doing what I actually trained to do, i.e dance/perform, I find it hard to come back to my other life, meaning the one that currently exists to pay the bills, hopefully one day I won't need this.

What I like about my job is the diverse range of situations I find myself in. I spent the whole of the Easter weekend in Leeds photo shooting and rehearsing for Jordan Massarella's piece 'Mansion', which I will be performing in on the 27th and 28th of May (come and see us if you are in Leeds - East Street Arts, 5.30 and 7.30pm). What a lot of fun we had.

For the photo shoot, shot by the extremely talented Lauren Davies ( click here for her blog ) was a good chance to stretch my imagination in trying to portray my character (I won't try explaining her, its pretty hard.. but for a hint of what she's about click here to watch Lykke Li's video 'Saddness is a Blessing'). This was greatly aided by the great costumes, derelict house/blue bell filled wood we were shooting in, combined with Jordan and Lauren's wonderful direction. I found myself by a pond in a Holy Communion dress made for a seven year old, walking down some woodland steps in 1940's lace wedding dress and lying on a crumbling roof in a gold ball gown.

Once in the studio the fun didn't stop. One thing I enjoy about working on this piece is ease with which it all works - we are all on the same wave length and have a lot of laughs while creating the work. Although the fact we are having fun is exactly why some people would argue the arts is a waste of tax payers money, but I think having a laugh is an important part of the process - it allows us to have a sense of humour about what we're doing, hopefully staving off pretension, and it also brings us together as a 'team', adding a depth to the work that comes with trust and shared experience.

At times like this my job doesn't feel like a job, it feels like a joy.