On Wednesday me and Issie (a third year NSCD, as well as my friend an flat mate) went to the launch of 'Live Art' magazine, a guide to live art in Yorkshire.

To be honest the launch its self wasn't so great. But we did learn some about a nice arts space really close to our house, where the launch was hosted, that we didn't know existed!

It was a good networking chance. Although I feel my efforts where some what diminished by the distraction caused by the buffet, or more specifically the profiteroles. But during this limited networking session I did get asked on interesting question. 'Would you describe your work as experimental?'

Now there's a question. And to be honest I found it hard to answer. For one the concept of me making 'work' seems laughable at this student stage of my development. And its all about the context. I guess in school a may be seen as a little more experimental (saying that seems pretentious and egotistical but hey, I did say 'may'). Where as when I consider if I am 'experimental' I compare my self to the extremes of work I've seen and would say no. I'm not.

Secondly I don't aim to be 'experimental', or 'conventional' for the matter. (Does anyone? I guess some do). I take an idea and try to communicate it. However that may be.

The question was quite interesting. It made me think about myself as an artist, and also what it means to be 'experimental'.

And I guess that's what part of the student process is. Defining who you are in artistic terms. Defining your likes and dislikes.