On saturday night I started my English company knowledge catch up. I saw DV8's new work 'To Be Straight With You'. Another company I know about, and have seen on film, but never live. (It sounds like I haven't seen anything, its just a lot of stuff I've seen was in NYC or Berlin).

Wow. 'To Be Straight With You' is a very important piece of work. Beautifully crafted it was funny enough to be effectively hard hitting. Movement was subtle, perfectly time and executed. The special effects were impressive. AND relevant.

A lot of Northern students and staff were watching.

As a student its great to see such high quality work. It shows you where you want to go, inspires you to work harder and reminds you of all the exciting things that are happening in the outside world. (Which sometimes becomes a little distant when you see the same studio walls. A lot).

So thank you DV8. I was feeling a bit disheartened by all the boring work I've seen recently. You reminded me of what I love - work that speaks.