I know that the reason for article19 giving me this little corner of their cyber world was to give the wonderous readers an insight into the life of a dance student, and I am aware that recently I have been talking more about my views about dance/what it is to be a dancer rather than life as a dancer.

But it ain't stopping just yet. I have a bee in my bonnet and need to release into the web.

But this is the thing you see, I have said it before and I'll say it again. When it comes to being a dance student/dancer every life experience counts. Even if its not directly related to you as a dancer, it will eventual effect your dance in some way.

Its these darned 'celebrity'/gossip magazines such as (an there are many more than this..and they are all equally as bad) heat, look, now.

In my eyes they are the down fall of Britain. They are the reason that everyone looks the same, they distract people from what is important, they promote shallow thought driven by image and they give the impression that a 'celebrity' life style is 1. desirable 2. achievable. In short they are slowly and surely rotting the brains of the very people that should be inspired and imaginative in Britain's development - i.e young people.

What, I hear you shout, has this to do with dance?

Well, maybe nothing. Maybe its my over dramatic brain. But I feel their evil spirit leaves no where untouched, including dance.

My last blog was referring to the fact people really disliked the Rosas performance and justified their comments with statements such as 'it was boring' or 'it wasn't entertaining'.

After the performance, on the coach back from London, we stopped at a service station and when the journey resumed I was literally surrounded by people reading the waste of paper that are the magazines I am talking about.

And there lies the problem (in my view). These magazines promote a throw away culture, fast paced, 'glamorous', always with a new trend and lots of over sensationalized controversy. With no real intelligence behind it.

This creeps in to the psyche of the reader. And when they go and watch a two and half hour performance with no interval, with lots of repetitive movement, when the effect requires a thought process from them and the dancers aren't doing tricks it is, of course, a boring, pointless piece. And the dancers have no technique.

I would like to leave you with this quote from Georges Perec's book 'Spieces of Spaces and Other Pieces'.

'What speaks to us, seemingly, is always the big event, the untoward, the extra-ordinary: the front-page splash, the banner headlines. Railway trains only exist when they are derailed, and the more passengers that are killed, the more the trains exist. Areoplanes achieve existance only when they are hijacked.....The daily papers talk of everything except the daily. The papers annoy me, they teach me nothing. What they recount doesn't concern me, doesn't ask me questions and doesn't answer the questions I ask or would like to ask.'