Just a warning to all future dance students...it can be very annoying socially. People (generally people you don't know so well, like on Saturday when I joined a friend on his work night out) tend to spend time saying things like 'why aren't you dancing', 'you're a dancer!' 'dance, come why don't you dance', 'you're a professional, show us how its done..'. This words are normally accompanied with beckoning hand actions indicating you stand in the middle of the dance floor/bar/circle of people/room, and you may even be forcibly pushed.

I've not worked out the best way to deal with this yet. Telling them I am not a dancing monkey seems to fall on deaf ears. Doing a silly dance only seems to encourage them more. I think my next tactic will be to answer all such questions with 'You're a [insert their profession here] why aren't you [insert what they do here]?