Wow. I can't believe that only two weeks ago I was returning from New York. As soon as my feet stepped inside NSCD they had to start running to keep up. And my muscles got a bit of a shock!

We are currently working on the 'collaborative arts project', guided by the wonderful Luis Lara Malcavaris, who visits once a year, from NYC or the numerous places that he teaches in Europe, specifically for this project.

It is intended to give us the chance to work with artists from other disciplines, and the task is to create anything we want with who we want - installation, video, performance, site specific work etc etc, but usually not 'dance' pieces.

I think its a little bit deceiving to most students, the idea of doing anything, with anybody, sounds fun and exciting, but in reality it can be highly stressful, time consuming and difficult. Organising people, spaces, materials and audiences requires patience and time. We have a budget for this of around two hundred pounds, so another difficulty is how to get as much for free as possible! A great skill to be learnt.

The project is on a very tight time scale, which can throw up many difficulties - for example when requesting permission from the council to use a space, which my group is doing, it can be a very slow and frustrating process indeed, but in our project the space defines the finished we can't do much until we know we have the space for sure. Its all swings and roundabouts.

But, its great practise for real life. And having seen the last few years of projects its worth all the stress as the outcomes are good. This year they will run May 19th -21st, and there will be a schedule of all the performances/events from the collaborative arts projects on the NSCD website so keep checking.