So the first week of the rehearsal period is over. It's a funny time, the rehearsal period, it goes both incredibly fast and yet slow. It's the four week period that results in the yearly 'showcase'. Each year is split into two halves, each has a different choreographer. In second and third year you choose who you want to work with.

The days consist of ballet and contemporary class in the morning, and hour lunch break, then five hours of rehearsal. It can be difficult, to remain concentrated for five hours, and physically it can get hard as there is often a lot of stopping and starting - you dance you watch some body else, then you have to get up an dance again. But it's also I time I love. It's a time, for me anyway, when you can feel change - a chance to put what we do in technique class in to practice. Into an artistic context.

I chose to work with Hagit bar Fleming, who is part of the NSCD faculty. And so far it's been lots of fun. Hagit creates a very relaxed and safe environment for us, which makes it feel much easier to produce material.

This week we have done many different tasks, from creating and singing a national anthem, to producing a phrase from a Eshkol-Wachman notation score.

I'm looking forward to next week, and watching things take shape.