For some years now my pelvis has been twisted, something I have understood (perhaps wrongly) to be a side effect of dance training, i.e the body's inbalances highlighted by the constant repetition of similar movements. It's never been bad enough to cause me real pain or noticeably effect my dancing, it has been easy just to live with it, which is not a very wise move really. But it was enough for me to notice and cause muscular tightness in other areas of my body.

Whilst I was at Northern I has some cranial osteopathy which helped little, but due to the age old money issue, as well as moving around, I have found it difficult to have consistent treatment. On top of this finding a physiotherapist/osteopath always seems a daunting task, its a very personal matter - they are dealing with my body and I need to trust them, but most importantly I want them to sort our my problem and I want them to be good (I think dancers have pretty high expectations of their physio's!). The problem is I can't afford to try around, and also, I like to find any kind of therapist/therapy/teacher by word of mouth. So, when a friend of mine, currently at Northern, recommended a sports therapist here in Manchester I thought I'd give him a try - which is how I ended up in the some what magical (and unbelievably strong) hands of Christian Platts.

Christian works at City Therapy and practices 'myofascial release', and the following quote from City Therapy's website explains a little more about this technique:

Where Physiotherapy and regular Massage focus specifically on muscles, Osteopathy and Chiropractic on the skeletal system, Myofascial Release focuses on the release of the bodies most flexible yet sturdy tissue; the fascia. This type of connective tissue surrounds each and every muscle and organ in the body. It's continuity and endlessness, means that the effect of its restriction can cause imbalance in the joints of the body which in turn causes an imbalance on posture, which compromises the bodies ability to function at it's optimum.

In my previous encounters with osteopaths I have experienced physical manipulations, lots of back and neck cracking, mild discomfort and some light massage, and this is what I expected when I walked in to City Therapy.
If you have ever had a sports massage imagine that, then multiply it by about, oh, 100, and you'll be somewhere close to what Myofascial Release feels like. I have never experienced something as intense in my life. I thought Christian was going to break me. But, as perhaps only dancers and sports people say, it was good pain, I knew that something was being released.

Within the course of the 45 minute treatment my pelvis had already corrected its self considerably. At my next treatment, a week later, I reported to Christian how much more alined I felt - my body seemed to have more freedom and the constant dull ache in my right hip flexor had gone. After my second treatment my shoulders dropped considerably. I have since had another treatment and am continuing to feel the positive effects in my body.

As you may have guessed I am seriously impressed with the results of Myofascial Release and recommend Christian highly - he clearly has a huge amount of experience and knowledge, as well as being really interesting to talk to.

So, for all you Manchester based dance people you can find more infor about Christian and City Therapy click here