We're back in the bubble for two more weeks. Odd you might think. I did, why have a holiday for a week then come back for only two weeks until the summer holidays?

Well, technically the holiday wasn't a holiday - it was 'activities' week. The last term was very long meaning its particularly injury inducing. Research suggests that at a time like this its highly beneficial for the body to do something completely different physically from dance.

It makes sense. My other alternative activity was walking round Rome. (We did a lot. I have the blister to prove it). And I've noticed a lot of people looking like they got a good dose of sun. It may not be exactly the 'activity' that the research was talking about but personally I think a bit of sun in also vital for dancers! We because of our time table we spend a lot of time in doors. I'm surprised we don't all get rickets. So a stocking up on vitamin D will do us good.

As I said before I did think it was strange to come back for only two weeks. But actually I'm quite enjoying it -its nice to do class feeling relaxed with no stress of impending assessments or an extremely tired body.

Every afternoon we have a 'Li Chi' workshop. This is a kind of Tai Chi, martial arts, ancient Chinese system of utilising energy flows.

As dancers its easy to think we're pretty good at moving. Then you try something new and realise we get good at moving in our known ways. But its not the only way. Of course, I think dancers gain a physical awareness that helps them to understand new movements, but its still great to move in another way. And of course lots of things cross over from Li Chi into dance, such as breathing and 'effortless tension' in the body.

As the Li Chi teacher said 'you can hear something a hundred times and it doesn't go in. But hear it another way and it does'. I can't agree more! And so leads me to my point.

As a dance student do something different. Go to a class outside of school (ha ha. time?! I hear you shout) when you can. Move your body differently, or just release stress (I go boxing and if I always feel better after). It'll help your dance.