Keep your eyes open for Bryony Kimmings at a theatre near you (click here for tour dates).

I saw Bryony's show Sex Idiot in 2011 and loved every minute of her witty, thoughtful and well crafted solo. So I made sure I was at her recent Manchester performance of 7 Day Drunk, her new solo work, the material for which was created during a 7 day experiment where she was kept at increasing drunken states in a controlled environment with scientist, doctors, psychotherapists and a team of carers (and performed sober). The point being to explore the relationship between creativeness and alcohol/drugs.

Once again Bryony delivered a side splittingly funny, sensitive, thought provoking and visually stunning (the costumes were jealousy inducing) show. The solo falls in to the category of performance art but as I was watching I realised it (as in the performance/structure/show) was also a skilled piece of choreography - incredibly detailed, layered and perfectly timed to draw you in, lift you up, push your edges and basically get you hook line and sinker.

It was probably the best thing I've seen since....well, since Sex Idiot.