My baby (age five, so not much of a baby, but the first baby in the family since me and my sister were born, so now forever cursed with the title 'baby') cousin loves to dance. I mean looooves it.

My mum bought the 'Mama Mia' sound track, his favourite music at the moment, and there was no stopping him as he busted out some serious moves and sang along. Last weekend he and his family went to a wedding and when we asked him if he had a good time his response was 'yeah! I got to dance!'. Apparently he was dancing with the bride until eleven o'clock.

Yesterday me and my sister took him, and his little brother, to 'Monkey Forest' (yes. Thats right. A forest full of monkeys) and we forgot the Mama Mia cd. So for the hour or so journey we had to make do with Jennifer Lopez, Chicago and Paul Simon. He was very specific about what music he liked to dance to - he requested 'faster' JLo songs, 'Razzle Dazzle Them' twice and Paul Simon songs with out the 'squeaking' noises. But when he found a song he liked there was a whole load of car seat dancing (this consists of mainly upper body moves, but some leg kicking) going on.

It makes me very happy to see such pure enjoyment of movement. And excites me greatly to see a natural love of dance. I hope very much that life doesn't crush it.