Two days ago I went for a run and it absolutely killed me. I felt so bad, worse than I normally feel. What really did me in though was when a spritely fifty year old sprinted past me and my sister, in his running shorts, with a cheery smile and a perky 'morning!'. I managed a breathy 'hi' and felt like killing myself. Have my fitness levels really dropped this far?

Today we went for a run and I was fine. I say fine what I mean is I couldn't run as far as I think I should be able to but compared to the last run it was a breeze.

What had happened in my body to make it easier? What had happened in my body to make it so hard last time?

As a wheezed through my jog (I was going to write breezed but I thought keep it real Hannah, keep it real) I pondered this phenomena that it is the body.

I think its amazing that it does all this stuff that goes on in our body without us even knowing. It is constantly shifting and changing. It surprises us all the time. One day is never the same as another. Its really really really cool.

And I'm so glad that my job helps me listen to it.