We have choreography assessments at the end of the month and this means that we dance in each others. Its starting to get hetic and complicated to arrange rehearsal times. It goes something like this can you do a rehearsal 6-7.30 on tuesday? I have a rehearsal with such a body...How about 7.30-9 on wednesday? I can't do wednesdays. Ok. But you can do sunday? Yes. Other dancer pipes up, I can't do sundays...and it goes on.

Right now I feel like my piece is nooo where from being done and there is no space or time to get it done......hhhmmmm.

Tuesday night I had a rehearsal for one of the pieces I am in. We did quite a lot of stuff which the choreographer was pleased with, and we, the dancers, were pleased, and we were all like yeah! This is going to be good!

On wednesday the choreographer had a tutorial, which means you get to show what material you have been working on so far and get feedback.

We showed the material. And they said, well, a lot actually. To change this..that doesn't work. You got seduced by the movement here..what are you trying to say with this here? How can you translate this idea to movement? This is better - was it at the end of the process?

After spending a lot of time and thought making movement, and knowing there's not much time is an issue, these kind of feedback sessions can feel like someone just placed a brick wall in front of you.

But we all agreed that all the feedback was true. We just hadn't seen it.

And I found it amusing that the night before we had all been so pleased with our little selves, and the next day we were like oh yeah actually. There's a lot to do.

And I got excited. Because it reminded me that we are at the very beginning. At the very beginning of a pretty big journey. That we have sooooo much to learn.

But to be honest that feels pretty darn good.