Having had a few different jobs (I'm talking part time jobs) over the years most have them have not exactly been my idea of the 'dream job' but I have always been glad to have had to do them as they taught me something - I don't like working in sports shops, that people are weird, that people eat strange things in cinemas, that if you have a flyer in your hands it will provoke a petrified look from passers by and that the Lion King can save you with even the most difficult child.

In my current job as library assistant at the London Studio Centre I have learnt something important and exciting - Fred Astaire is amazing. Okay, okay. So I am a bit slow on the uptake, but better late than never I say. On Monday night I watched a documentary entitled 'Song and Dance, The Musical Years. The Golden Age of Hollywood'. Fred Astaire featured and I was so blown away by Mr Astaire's rhythmical, quick as lightening feet, timing, use of music and characterful performance that the very next day I watched 'Shall We Dance'. The man has so much soul, and when it is accompanied by the costumes and sets of a Hollywood musical its just about perfection.

I haven't felt this inspired by a dance/r for a long time, and I feel the discovery (or re discovery - according to my sister we used to watch musicals with our Grandmother years ago) of this will effect my own choreography and dance in some way. How, or if it will even be noticable, I am not sure, but I know my life just got a little richer with the addition of Fred.

To see a clip of Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger Rogers in Shall We Dance? click here