This term is never ending. It seems to be assessment after assessment after assessment. We had choreography assessments on Thursday and Friday (apparently I burp very well on stage. Oh the skills I have). Next week we have to perform a two to two and half minute solo.

The first assessment this term was my movement studies exploration which for me including a four minute movement phrase. After that the two minute solo, which I was working on today, suddenly seemed a lot easier than last year and much less stressful.

And I was thought to myself that's what's quite special about a dance degree - because of the intensity the level of growth within a short space of time can be pretty big. And its very easy to feel. All of a sudden I realised I'm getting better at this movement making malarky, even if its just in the sense that I stress less about it.

So, for you all you potential dance degree students look forward to it! Yes, it may be difficult (recently me and my two flatmates went slowly about our kitchen tasks, each one of us too drained to talk, until we realised our sorry state and had to laugh) but its very very exciting to feel yourself developing.