A couple of weeks ago I took my mother to see Wendy Houston perform her 'cult classic' (that's the promoters choice of words) in Sheffield. The night before loads of NSCD students had gone to see the same performance.

Quite a few of them told me it was amazing.

I was disappointed. And that's not because I didn't think Wendy wasn't good. It's because i had gone with expectations. I was expecting it to be amazing.

And so my point(s)...be careful with using the word amazing. It's rare that things actually are. We shouldn't just throw the word around unconsciously because it degrades its value.

Maybe that sounds a little pretentious and over the top, but I hope you see my point.

It's also good to avoid saying it to people because it gives them expectations (ok, so I should have been clever enough not to get expectations and go with a blank mind but nobody's perfect) which 99 times out of a 100 results in a let down...

My final piece of advice..just go and watch stuff..don't listen to opinions. You never know, YOU might think its amazing.