Last weekend was the graduation show at NSCD. It was the year I should have been graduating with, if I had got straight on to the degree after I did the foundation course.

So friday was interesting for me to see all my fellow class mates performing their last show together. And I must admit a little tear came to my eye.

Mainly due to the performance of two of the boys who studied with me on the foundation course, Rudi and Amerjit. When I first met them they were boys. When I watched them on friday they were men. Men with great career prospects in front of them.

Rudi was performing a solo choreographed by him. Rudi has always had a naturally good body for dance, but after three years of training, and with the natural effect of time, he has grown in to his body and gained much more control, giving him a quiet power.

Amerjit has also grown in to his body, but it wasn't that that struck me while I watched the graduation show, it was his beautiful and sensitive performance. I have seen the same performance before, with a different cast, and I didn't really enjoy it. When I saw it with Amerjit I could not believe it was the same piece. His energy and portrayal of the character changed the whole piece for me. I enjoyed it.

So boys, stay humble and keep doing what you are doing, because in my modest opinion you will go far.