I played beach volleyball for the first time in my life last week. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected.

And this week I also played badminton and football. This was in fact with the five year old boy I child mind here in Berlin, so I wouldn't exactly say it was high level technically (although I am, according to him, better than his mum, but not quite so good as his dad). May be it was the lack of competition but i throughly enjoyed it, even the football.

And it got me thinking. I should do more sport. I just dance (ok, I box once a week, but its also a technique class, and not really a sport to play with friends). The last time I played badminton was is in secondary school - in other words longer ago than I like to recall.

It was a refreshing change to move and be active and not worry if I've got the excercise right..am I holding my centre..am I relaxed..yet pulling up..are my ribs in...and so on and so on and so on... just to play a game. To get a rally going.

Maybe I'll suggest to the student board that we get some badminton nets.