Recently I was met with my mum and a close friend who recently got engaged. She was on her way to meet with her dad so that her fiance could 'officially' ask for her hand in marriage. My mum was laughing because she said that no matter how much we break conventions as soon as it comes to marriage we get traditional. My friend answered that that was the only bit of tradition she was having..she's getting married in a tent in a field. Mum replied, as mother's do, 'thats been done before'. 'Of course,' my friend said 'everything has been done before'.

It's true, we live in times that make it very difficult to be original. While I was in NYC I was talking with my friend, choreographer Makeda Thomas, and we were discussing the losses of the dance world recently - the obvious such as Pina Bausch and Cunningham, but also the fact some of the pioneers aren't getting any younger Trisha Brown and Bill T Jones have lasted amazingly, but when they go who will fill the spaces?

And, as someone who is about to graduate, a question that comes to mind is how does one become a pioneer in this day an age? How can you be original when everything has been done, and audiences have been to exposed to so much they are pretty un shockable with high expectations?

But I guess the answer is simple, you can't. You just have to be yourself, and this is where the originality lies, and hopefully the success.