I love this notion, all great innovators (not necessarily consciously) have taken this on board. However, when consciously trying to tackle an existing reality it is not always that easy. If logic steps into the process you can find yourself beaten before you have began.

All of the areas you procrastinate over replacing exist because they serve a purpose. To replace these you must identify what their purpose is and then fulfill it in a new, more successful manner. The real catch 22 with the arts is that everything is so dependant on subsystems and counterparts there sometimes seems to be no way to break the cycle.

Therefore, maybe the innovators are those who are bold enough to take their first steps blind? For example, the emerging choreographer who just goes ahead without any financial support but then evokes interest and creates opportunities for themselves; the first individual (she's a lady and great lady) to stand up and demands that they undertake a PhD in Hip Hop because people are interested in the research; the aspiring dancer who, without sufficient funds, jets off to New York to discover more about training and themselves as a dancer yet they find a way to survive and return a stronger person.

Due to the dreaded CV update, flurry of current audition notices and short contract applications I have completed in the month, I have been reflecting upon how naive I must have appeared to do many of the things that have became the foundation of my developing career but also the headway I made through this naivety (not to mention through a hard slog of work!). Now, I find myself questioning taking on tasks as I am aware of how much work will be involved and I sometimes wish I could be that naive again.

My favourite artists are those who are no longer naive but crazy enough to do it anyway (of which there are still many they are just less commercially known!). In a way I wonder of they are the REAL artists as their compulsion overrides their logic?

If anyone can point me in the direction of more of these artists please do as these as the next round of people I want to hunt down and learn from.