I have been an appalling blogger. Hands up. Apologies.

The past year has flown past and although I have not forgotten about Article 19 I will admit that I have been in a period of hibernation. Sometimes you feel that you have nothing worth saying either creatively or in text format (this may even be the same thing!).

I feel very fortunate in the fact that I have resurfaced filled with questions, energy and focus. I am also aware that many dancers and creators hibernate and never return to the profession; I now understand why. Afterall, to find a way forward in this industry you must not only have passion and energy but a remarkable thick skin. Either this, or the gift of the gab, a willingness to believe your own hype and someone daft enough to throw money at you.

Admittedly I have still been teaching and developing over the past year, in spite of injury, but essentially my drive to learn has dominated everything. I feel recharged. This has led me to question why we always feel the need to drive forward publically even when we need refuelled.

Of course the answer is a combination of not wanting to drop out of focus, for both audiences and funders: this would be bad business, and a balance of convincing yourself you are still acheiving success in an increasingly difficult profession.

I wonder if this is also the reason people jump on the band wagon with choreographic fads and movement trends. Afterall, you have to keep up with the competition.

My hibernation has made me realise that this need to 'keep up' and 'save face' is the reason many artists do not maintain longevity in the profession. Your integrity is everything, even if it is not cool.

How many people work in a job they do not believe in and let it weigh them down to the point of simply for the weekend? Why would you choose to do this in an industry with an unrealiable income that is physically and emotionally so demanding?

Therefore, although I am rejuvenated and full of energy I refuse to try to do everything. I maintain that this year I will focus this energy very specifically and invest in the things I beleive have integrity. In doing so I hope that in fifteen years time I will still be driving the art I have faith in and will have succeeded in perfecting my niche in the dance sector.

Wish me luck!